Robin Saghian

Omega Law Group

Skilled Beverly Hills personal injury attorney Robin Saghian is a founding partner of Omega Law Group, PC. Robin Saghian believes that the best results are achieved through a trustful relationship with his clients, and Robin is committed to personally handling any legal issues that arise.

Robin Saghian understands, however, that not every case deals only with legal matters and that his clients also face real life issues which can affect not only their case, but their livelihood. Robin Saghian knows that only through personalized representation and client service can both the legal and real life issues be addressed and maximum recovery obtained.

Robin Saghian focuses his practice on personal injury, employment law, class action, wage and hour, breach of contract, harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, and whistleblower violations. While Omega Law Group, PC is located in Beverly Hills, Attorney Robin Saghian handles cases in state and federal all around the State of California.