Robert Tessier

Tessier Mediation

Practicing law since 1986, and AV Rated, Robert Tessier has represented defendants involving general negligence, real estate, and product defect claims, in addition to representing plaintiffs in personal injury matters involving general liability, motor vehicles, consumer products, and Federal Employees Liability Act (FELA) litigation. He has also developed particular expertise in traumatic orthopedic, brain and neurologic injuries, with continuing education focused on medicine, injury causation and anatomy. Like many full time mediators, Mr. Tessier first developed his passion for mediation as a volunteer in the Los Angeles County ADR and CRASH programs in the early 1990’s, and since joining Judicate West in 2008 has resolved over one thousand disputes involving, personal injury, products liability and professional negligence, as well as business, real estate, and probate matters. One attorney commented “Bob is extremely knowledgeable about the litigation process and is dead on in his analysis of cases. He has a wonderful way with people and uses his skills to cut to the heart of the case while at the same time giving everyone their say.” Another client commented, “Mr. Tessier was fantastic on a complicated premises liability claim, he never gave up during the negotiations and continued to encourage and work the parties until the case settled. I will absolutely use him again.” His varied life experience before becoming a lawyer, such as working in automobile repair, restaurants, as a fitness trainer, and as a musician gives him a practical and unique perspective to alternative dispute resolution.