Lexi W. Myer


Lexi W. Myer, Esq. brings to JAMS a unique combination of litigation and ADR experience. For the first part of her career, Ms. Myer handled complex, multidistrict product liability matters and class actions. After more than a decade as an attorney working in litigation and the settlement of hundreds of individual claims, she turned to ADR full-time, where she has had a role in the resolution and evaluation of sophisticated matters including arbitrations, mediations, allocations, discovery references and neutral evaluations.

At JAMS, Ms. Myer has worked closely with or worked side by side with the world’s leading jurists, arbitrators and mediators, focusing on a wide range of cases involving allocation of multi-party settlements and disputes involving construction, health care, employment and business matters. This approach has allowed Ms. Myer to cultivate experience working at the highest levels of the ADR industry.

Whether working with other neutrals or alone, Ms. Myer studiously prepares for every case and is personally committed to each matter.