DeWitt M. Lacy joined Burris, Nisenbaum, Curry & Lacy in 2011, and has been successfully and diligently spearheading the litigation team in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California. As he fights to uphold civil rights and cure injustices, his work brings attention to police misconduct and other abuses and neglect brought on by state, city, and local agencies. Where harm or wrongful death has resulted from the action or inaction of public actors or agencies, Mr. Lacy does not rest until he secures the best possible outcome for his clients.

As testament to his capabilities, he secured a verdict of $1,766,875.95 for clients who were the subject of police misconduct in the City of Santa Clara. Mr. Lacy’s litigation skills are matched by his negotiation skills. In three other significant police misconduct cases, he negotiated three settlements in our clients’ favor: $3,000,000 from the City of Torrance, $1,600,000 from the City of Antioch, and $950,000 from the County of Alameda. Money, however, is not the objective. Justice is the aim. As part of this mission and complementary to his legal practice, Mr. Lacy informs the public on all matters related to the law and their rights. He founded Good and Common, an initiative that helps inform and educate the public on their civil liberties and civil rights. He also regularly engages the media with smart commentary and debate on the law relevant to current legal issues.

Before joining Burris, Nisenbaum, Curry & Lacy, Mr. Lacy founded The Law Office of DeWitt M. Lacy. He also gained relevant legal experience as an attorney at The Farrise Law Firm, was a candidate for the San Francisco District 10 Supervisor role (November 2010), and was a legal analyst for Bloomberg. The combination of these professional experiences laid the groundwork for the legal prowess he exhibits each day at Burris, Nisenbaum, Curry & Lacy, where he works hard to secure justice for his clients and help promote a better, more inclusive community.