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Our College Scholarship Program

Our College Scholarship Program

In 2015, we implemented our annual college scholarship program to help local high seniors attend college and become future leaders of tomorrow. In our inaugural class, we gave away $40,000 in college scholarships to 16 deserving high school seniors. Our eleven 2016 Scholarship winners each received $5,000 towards their college expenses. Below is a photo of the 2016 recipients (with our Co-Chairs of the Scholarship Committee, Ibiere Seck and Minh Nguyen, far left and far right) who will go on to do great things. Since then we have provided grants to 10 deserving students annually.If you are a high school senior who will attend college, then consider submitting an application for a scholarship in 2021. See below for application details.All applications must be received online. Students should contact their high school counselor to receive the link to the online application. The deadline for applications is Thursday, April 1.


The Los Angeles Trial Lawyers’ Charities, a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, will award ten (10) college scholarships in the amount of $2,500 each to deserving high school seniors who will enroll in college in 2021. LATLC’s mission is to make a positive difference in the quality of life for people within the greater Los Angeles area, focusing on issues related to education, children, survivors of abuse, persons with disabilities, and homelessness.

Application Process

All applications will be submitted online. Public high schools within the Los Angeles area have the opportunity to submit five (5) top senior candidates from each school for this program. Students are selected in an application process and with the recommendations of Los Angeles County area high school counselors based upon merits and need. We ask that each school submit five (5) applications only. Students interested in applying should contact their high school counselor to receive the link to the application.

Nominating Process

Our program’s primary qualification is academic achievement and hardship. While academic achievement is the first standard, what truly separates the finalists from the other applicants is excellence outside the classroom and/or overcoming a hardship, socially and/or familial.

  1. No children of judges or lawyers are eligible for scholarships.
  2. Details of the scholarship program should be disseminated widely to all senior class members.
  3. Students are not disqualified on the grounds that they have applied for or received other scholarship(s).
  4. Students must reside in Los Angeles County.
  5. The desire to practice law is not a criterion for these scholarships.

Scholarship Online Application

LATLC has a NEW application software and process. LATLC has sent the application link to school counselors. If your school counselor did not receive the link, please contact Lissa Zanville, [email protected]. REMEMBER: Each school may submit NO MORE THAN FIVE (5) applications.

The application will include the following:

  1. Cover letter (no more than 500 words, which may be cut and pasted into the application form)
  2. Official School Transcripts (from 9th grade to present) which is to be uploaded
  3. Reference letters (no more than 2) that are also to be uploaded
  4. Resume with extra-curricular activities that is also to be uploaded
  5. Any additional information (no more than 5 pages) the student wishes to be uploaded (optional)
  6. Include which college or university student plans to attend in 2021. If this information is not available at time of submission, applicants who receive a scholarship must provide this information when it becomes available. The scholarship check will be issued directly to the college/university for payment towards tuition, housing, books, and fees. Scholarship checks will not be made payable directly to the applicants.

Selection Process

Once the committee receives nominations from all participating schools, LATLC will select ten (10) students from around the county who will each receive cash scholarship awards. The awards will be sent directly to the school to be deposited into the winner’s account. Each recipient will be honored at his/her school’s Senior/Award Day.

Deadline for Submissions

The deadline for submission is Thursday, April 1. If you have any questions, please contact Lissa Zanville, 844-44-LATLC or email [email protected].