Erica Chavez

Board Member

Wilshire Law Firm

Inspired by the tragic loss of her grandfather after a traumatic brain injury and driven by her own traumatic injury at the young age of 21, due to the medical malpractice of a doctor, Erica made a commitment to fight for individuals who have been harmed by the negligence of others.

Erica is a Partner at Wilshire Law Firm.  Erica brings a heightened level of commitment and professionalism to the profession of law, one that is unrivaled by even the best of attorneys. Erica has infused her empathy and compassion for others with her well-versed knowledge of the law, medicine, and brain injury to help establish a top law firm that is dedicated to fighting for its clients. With her own personal connection to loss, Erica understands the importance and delicacy surrounding medicine and personal injury law.

That personal connection makes Erica a passionate attorney who works on every case with unshakeable devotion.  What differentiates Erica from other lawyers is the enormous amount of personal time she invests in each client.  Helping people and protecting their rights is Erica’s passion and it shows through at Wilshire Law Firm.

Erica is a true visionary and leader in the profession of law. She secured the highest position in the field of brain injury in the State of California, acting as the Chair of the Board for the Brain Injury Association of California. Erica single-handedly built the largest brain injury conference in the world, TBI Med Legal, where she brings the world’s best doctors to teach lawyers the most cutting-edge medicine in the field of traumatic brain injury for three full days in San Diego, California.  She is frequently asked to lecture at large-sized industry events, mentoring young attorneys and fostering their professional growth by sharing her knowledge of brain injury medicine and law. Erica also serves on the Board of the Consumer Attorneys of California and Los Angeles Trial Lawyer Charities, among other prestigious legal organizations.

Erica earned her Juris Doctor degree from Southwestern Law School – Los Angeles. While in law school, she received several awards and recognition for her academic excellence. She received the Cali and Witkin awards for earning the top grade in her classes, served on the board of several honors societies and clubs, worked as a teaching assistant for evidence contracts and torts, and researched and edited for a professor who focused on gender equality in the legal profession. Erica continues to be involved at Southwestern Law School – Los Angeles where she has served as a guest speaker and lecturer. 

Among her many talents, Erica speaks fluent Spanish. 


  • Substantial experience as a personal injury attorney dedicated to helping clients with traumatic injuries. 
  • Marketing professional who helped build and brand one of the state’s largest and most profitable personal injury law firms.
  • Responsible for growing the TBI Med Legal conference into the biggest TBI conference in the world.
  • Member of prestigious legal organizations including CAALA, LATLC, BIACAL, CAOC, AAJ, and more.