Youth Sports
Grant Application

Our Youth Sports Sponsorship Program

In our effort to broaden our reach and presence providing assistance directly to our local communities, the Los Angeles Trial Lawyers' Charities launched the Youth Sports Sponsorship Program in 2014 in order to expand our direct giving to programs that help children.

LATLC makes direct financial grants to organized youth sports and public high schools in Los Angeles County, by sponsoring little leagues, soft ball teams and public school baseball and soft ball teams. In its first year our program has been tremendously successful.

LATLC grants, if awarded, are for the sum of $500.00. The funds may be used for any league or team related expense, including but not limited to the purchase of equipment, team clothing, or help provide or maintain a location to play games.

How to Apply For the Program

For leagues and public schools interested in participating in the LATLC Youth Sports Sponsorship Program please contact Minh T. Nguyen, our 2014 LATLC President and the LATLC Youth Sports Sponsorship Program Committee Chair at with your request to include:

  1. The name and address of your league or public school;
  2. Address, phone and email of contact person for your league or school sports program director;
  3. Provide the dates for opening day for your league or public school baseball or softball teams and the last day of your season.

LATLC's Youth Sports Sponsorship Committee will review the request. If further information is needed to make a decision regarding the awarding of a grant, we will contact you promptly. LATLC provides a specific budgeted amount for this program, and assuming our criteria is met and funds remain available for the calendar year, the applicant will be notified of the grant.

Participating Leagues and High Schools For 2016

LATLC's program has been adopted at the following schools, leagues and parks:

  • 7U Titans
  • Arcadia American Little League
  • Cabrillo High School
  • Chatsworth Junior Baseball League
  • Cheviot Hills Pony Baseball Association
  • Cleveland High School
  • East Long Beach Pony
  • East Valley Youth Baseball
  • Eastview Little League
  • Encino Little League
  • Frontier Youth Baseball League
  • Granada Hills Little League
  • Harbor City Little League
  • Heartwell Baseball, Inc.
  • Hermosa Beach Little League
  • Hollypark Little League
  • Jordan High School
  • Ladera Little League
  • Lakewood High School
  • Lakewood Lancers Challenger Cheer Team
  • Lakewood Pop Warner
  • Lakewood Village Little League
  • Little League Baseball - District 40
  • Long Beach Little League
  • Long Beach Pony at Whaley Park
  • Manhattan Beach Little League
  • McBride High School
  • Millikan High School
  • North Torrance Little League
  • Northeast Los Angeles Little League
  • Norwalk Little League
  • Orange Little League
  • PAAL
  • Pacoima Little League
  • Palisades High School
  • Poly High School
  • Redondo Beach Little League
  • Renaissance High School
  • Rolling Hills Little League
  • Santa Monica Girls Fast Pitch
  • Santa Monica Little League
  • Sherman Oaks Little League
  • Sierra Madres Girls Softball Association
  • Silver Spur Little League
  • Sportsman Little League
  • Toluca Baseball
  • Tri Park Little League
  • Venice High School
  • West LA Little League
  • West Long Beach Little League
  • Westchester Little League
  • Wilshire Softball
  • Wilshire Warrior Pony Baseball
  • Wilson High School
  • Woodland Hills Sunrise Baseball

Buddy League Equipment Program

LATLC also donates batting helmets, bats, and other equipment directly to Buddy Ball leagues serving exceptional children with special needs. In 2014, 2015 and 2016 LATLC has purchased equipment and donated it to the Babe Ruth League in Long Beach. The kids were extremely grateful to receive the equipment.

Youth Sports Sponsorship & Buddy League Equipment Programs

Since the program's inception in 2014, Los Angeles Trial Lawyers' Charities has donated more than $65,000 to support youth sports programs, little leagues and school leagues as well as buddy league equipment donations. In 2016, we continue to grow and have expanded to supporting more than 50 public school leagues, park and little leagues to help fulfill our mission statement.