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AAJ TLC Award Nomination Selection Committee (Ad Hoc) Chair - Karina Lallande
Committee Members - Gerald L. Marcus, Alyssa K. Schabloski & Geraldine Weiss

Duties. The AAJ TLC Award Nomination Selection Committee, in addition to other duties as may be assigned by the President, the Board of Directors, and/or the Executive Committee, shall:

  1. "The American Association for Justice (AAJ) provides an annual Trial Lawyers Care (TLC) Award recognizing the efforts of members and trial lawyer-affiliated organizations that serve the community and foster positive relationships with the public through volunteer activities. Their outstanding efforts demonstrate how trial lawyers care. If you are the driving force behind a community service project that goes above and beyond-or if you know another American Association for Justice member who is-please consider nominating him/her for AAJ's Trial Lawyers Care Award, which will be presented at the AAJ Annual Convention in July." - AAJ Website www.justice.org
  2. Review the nomination criteria presented by AAJ for its TLC Award - which is set forth below;
    1. Has the nominee received an award for the project from another organization?
    2. Describe the community service or outreach project. (Please include whether the project/service is one time, ongoing, the frequency, and whether it involves other people in the nominee's firm).
    3. What was it that led the nominee to develop the project?
    4. How has being involved in this project or service affected the nominee's life? (Share reflections about what the community service or project has meant to the nominee).
    5. Why is it important to the nominee to give back to the community?
    6. What has been the resulting impact of the project/service upon the community? (If applicable and possible, include number of people affected over certain period of time. Share reflections/feedback about what the community service or project has meant to the community).
    7. How would you judge the effect of this project on the perceptions of the public as far as who trial lawyers are and what they do?
  3. Review all potential candidates that are members of the LATLC Board of Directors, Honorary Board of Governors, volunteers and/or supporters;
  4. Determine which potential candidates best meet the criteria presented by AAJ for its TLC Award;
  5. Oversee the development and implementation of fundraising strategies for the Organization;
  6. Select a nominee for the AAJ TLC Award to represent LATLC in the award nomination process;
  7. Advise the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of its selection of a nominee for the AAJ TLC Award;
  8. Assist in the preparation of the nomination package to be submitted to AAJ for the TLC Award for the LATLC candidate for review by the candidate and the Board of Directors and Executive Committee;
  9. Submit the nomination package to the AAJ for the TLC Award in a timely fashion at least five business days before the deadline - which for the current year is April 11, 2016.