Myer Sankary

For the past ten years, Myer Sankary has enjoyed a reputation as an excellent mediator, both for his ability to mediate difficult matters and in bringing over 90% of the cases he mediates to settlement. Mr. Sankary has mediated over 1,000 cases since 1996 involving a variety of areas of law and business. He is a specialist in probate mediation, because of his 40 years of practice in the field of probate and estate planning. He has handled both highly contentious probate matters as well as matters with high settlement amounts; he also serves on the ADR Committee for the LA Superior Court which administers the court facilitated mediation program. In addition to probate disputes, Mr. Sankary handles general business/commercial contract disputes, real estate, employment and personal injury matters. As an author and lecturer on negotiating strategies as well as the new social science of persuasion and influence, Mr. Sankary is knowledgeable in a variety of settlement strategies and tactics. He is the only attorney and mediator trained and certified by one of the leading social scientists in the world, Dr. Robert Cialdini, author of the best selling book, "Influence: Science and Practice." He has been trained in the science of persuasion which he uses to facilitate the disputes he mediates. Mr. Sankary presents the Cialdini Principles of Persuasion workshop to lawyers, mediators, business executives, sales and human resource managers, forensic experts and business consultants. After graduating Harvard Law School in 1965, Mr. Sankary began practicing law in Beverly Hills with the firm of Wyman, Bautzer, Rothman & Kuchel. Since then, he has become known for his extensive knowledge, experience and reputation for honesty and integrity, both as a litigator and as a transactional attorney which has earned him an A.V. rating in Martindale & Hubbell. Mr. Sankary has received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the ABA Solo and General Practice Committee, as well as the Outstanding Achievement Award from the State Bar Solo and Small Firm Committee.