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Ms. Bish is a local attorney and native of Los Angeles County. Law is her second career, and she has devoted nearly two decades to helping injury victims achieve justice and financial recovery. Ms. Bish and our staff at Bish Law enjoy making a positive impact in the lives of everyday people who have suffered tragic losses. Bish Law, a personal injury law firm near San Bernardino, California, was established by attorney Mindy Bish. We focus on helping injury victims and their loved ones pursue justice for the wrongdoing they have suffered. To that end, we provide dedicated advocacy in all types of injury cases.

Ms. Bish's dedicated advocacy and proven trial skills have resulted in positive outcomes for injury victims and their loved ones.

In addition to helping individual clients, we are community-oriented and dedicated to giving back to those around us. Ms. Bish volunteers extensively, participating in fundraisers to benefit disadvantaged families and individuals and contributing to numerous local charities. Previously, she served as the founding president of the Albert Einstein Academy, a charter school in Santa Clarita.