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Matthew B.F. Biren, the founder of Biren Law Group, has always had an interest in the law. This interest started early on as a boyhood addition to television shows like Perry Mason, The Bold Ones, and Arrest & Trial. The witty and intelligent portrayal of these lawyers appealed to the same competitive spirit that had always driven Matt in sports, school and other endeavors.

After receiving his undergraduate degree from UCLA, Matt went on to pursue his law degree at Loyola University. At the end of his first year, he started clerking for a labor law firm, Levy & Van Bourg. It was there that he first saw the tremendous advantage that large corporations and insurance companies have within the legal system.

While clerking and later working as a labor lawyer himself, however, Matt realized that seriously injured individuals and small businesses could compete with these large corporations and insurance companies if only they had the right lawyer by their side. It is for this reason that he has devoted his professional career to developing a skillset that would allow him to protect the rights of "the little guy."

For the first four years of his legal career, Matt worked as a labor lawyer. In doing so, he spent more time in trial than most lawyers spend in a lifetime. When he felt that his skills and knowledge of the law were refined to the point that he could provide his clients with representation that was equal to or better than that available to the wealthiest of corporations, he founded Biren Law Group.

Over the last 40 years, Matt's commitment to protecting the rights of his clients has not wavered. If anything, the challenge of incorporating modern technology into his practice has spurred him on to work even harder. Looking back at his lengthy and prosperous career, Matt feels that he has succeeded in emulating his boyhood heroes by becoming an extraordinarily skilled trial attorney himself.

In fact, he has even been selected for inclusion in the Southern California Super Lawyers® list every year from 2006 to 2013. In his personal time, Matt balances the time demands of his legal career with his commitment to his family-which includes his wife, Dee Dee, five children, five grandchildren, and his dogs and horses. His favorite pastimes include riding horses, playing golf and going on vacation.