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For the past 20 years, John has won more than $100 million for individuals with life-altering injuries. John's practice focuses on helping clients with catastrophic injuries recover the money they need to re-establish their lives.

He has successfully tried dozens of cases to verdict. Recently, on the eve of trial, John settled a case for $13.86 million settlement for a former professional fighter who suffered a traumatic brain injury in an automobile collision. Most of the symptoms of the client's traumatic brain injury did not present themselves until several months after the crash. The insurance companies argued the client was faking his movement disorder. To defeat the insurance companies' claims, John litigated the case for more than four years, creating what is believed to be the largest file in the history of a Santa Monica courtroom, exceeding 60 volumes.

Similarly, John served as counsel in a bar fight case in which a college football player was beaten by a security guard. The jury awarded CZ&R's client more than $6.8 million despite the client having incurred less than $23,000 in past medical bills.

Defense counsel and insurance companies know John is passionate about representing his clients, and that he thrives in front of juries. He is feared by the opposition and, as a result, cases will often settle the moment his name is added to the case.

John will tell you that CZ&R was founded on the principle that justice for injured people is more important that insurance company profits. His philosophy is that justice with a discount is no justice at all.

In addition to his trial work, John has an active appellate practice. Twice the California Supreme Court has granted his petitions for review.

John has been selected as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer, and has had his work recognized by VerdictSearch's "Verdict of the Week." John received his undergraduate degree from UCLA and his law degree from Southwestern Law School.