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I dreamed of becoming an attorney at the young age of 5 in first grade after watching several lawyer shows on television of the time. I imagine I thought it was exciting to fight for others in our judicial system - what we call the "great equalizer." I prayed for many things throughout my life, and becoming a lawyer was one of them. When it became a reality in 2003 after passing the Ohio bar, I cried and thanked God. In 2011, when I received the news that I passed the California bar, I cried again and thanked God immensely. They were tears of joy, of course.

I am grateful for all of the people, including my parents, relatives, friends, teachers, mentors, colleagues and even clients, that have helped me in one way or another to be who I am today. None of us can make it alone, and I certainly have not. It is important to recognize them all for their contributions, small and large, long and short term, it all made a significant difference.

Since the age of 13, I worked outside of the home following my parents' example doing various jobs (i.e. stock boy, cashier, dishwasher, garbage man, shoe salesman, etc.), which helped me build character and taught me the value of a day's work and a dollar. At times during my undergraduate education in Cincinnati, Ohio I held 3 jobs at once, and at times some people fought on my behalf when I needed it. As such, I do not take for granted the things that I have been able to accomplish or the things that my clients have lost due to someone else's choices and acts. Those experiences are part of the reason I decide to fight for others. It is part of the reason I will continue to fight until I can no longer fight.

Over the span of my career thus far, I have had the privilege of working with and learning from some of the best and brightest attorneys in the United States. As an example out of many, in the summer of 2012, I was also blessed with the opportunity to attend and graduate from the renowned Trial Lawyers College at the urging of a good friend. So this is in recognition of them, too. As a result of those experiences, and those of my own, I bring a collective of knowledge, talents, skills and tactics to bear in the representation of my clients to achieve justice and a semblance of peace. I recognize that those experiences and skills that I learned helped me to recover multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements on behalf of my clients. I hope to be just as an effective tool in that aspect as long as I can. Therefore, if you have been hurt, injured or violated under the law, I hope that you will allow me to represent you to get you the justice and peace you deserve, also.


State Courts:

Ohio - 2003 (Inactive)

California - 2011

Federal Courts:

Central District of California

Eastern District of California

Northern District of Ohio

Southern District of Ohio

Supreme Court of the United States