Honorary Board

Los Angeles Trial Lawyers' Charities thanks the following Honorary Board of Governors members whose significant support allows us to fulfill our mission to make a positive difference in the quality of life for people within the greater Los Angeles area, focusing on issues related to education, children, survivors of abuse, persons with disabilities, and homelessness.

Sapphire level - $50,000 (or greater annual contribution)

Michael Alder

Michael Alder President AlderLaw Bio |

David Derubertis

David Derubertis Board Member
The deRubertis
Law Firm
Bio |

Pejman Javaheri

Pejman Javaheri ThruLaw Bio

Gerald L. Marcus

Gerald L. Marcus Vice President Law Offices of
Gerald L. Marcus
Bio |

Robert Ounjian

Robert J. Ounjian Board Member Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley, LLP Bio |

Nicholas C. Rowley

Nicholas C. Rowley Board Member Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley, LLP Bio |

Robert T Simon

Robert T. Simon Past President
The Simon Law Group Bio |

Diamond level - $25,000 to $49,999 annual contribution

Pejman Ben-Cohen

Pejman Ben-Cohen Past President
Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley, LLP Bio |

Ricardo Echeverria

Ricardo Echeverria Shernoff Bidart Echeverria LLP Bio

Andrew L. Ellis

Andrew L. Ellis Board Member Ellis Law Corporation Bio |

Tom Girardi

Tom Girardi Girardi Keese Bio

Minh T. Nguyen

Minh T. Nguyen Past President
Law Offices of
Minh T. Nguyen
Bio |

David M. Ring

David M. Ring Taylor & Ring Bio

Bobby Saadian

Bobby Saadian Board Member Wilshire Law Firm Bio |

Farid Yaghoubtil

Farid Yaghoubtil Downtown LA Law Group Bio

Platinum level - $10,000 to $24,999 annual contribution

Christopher T. Aumais

Christopher T. Aumais Board Member Girardi Keese Bio |

Ryan Clarkson

Ryan Clarkson Board Member Clarkson Law Firm Bio |

Conal Doyle

Conal Doyle Board Member Doyle Law Bio |

Mauro Fiore

Mauro Fiore Board Member Law Offices of
Mauro Fiore, Jr.
Bio |

Alan Z. Gurvey

Alan Z. Gurvey Rowen, Gurvey &

Arash Homampour

Arash Homampour Board Member
The Homampour
Law Firm
Bio |

Paul Kiesel

Paul Kiesel Kiesel Law LLP Bio

Dan Kramer

Daniel Kramer Secretary Kramer Holcomb Sheik LLP Bio |

Karina Lallande

Karina Lallande Board Member Lallande Law Bio |

Lawrence Lallande

Lawrence Lallande Lallande Law Bio

Lisa Maki

Lisa Maki Board Member Law Offices of
Lisa L. Maki
Bio |

Christopher Russell

Christopher Russell Russell &
Lazarus APC

Gene Sullivan

Gene Sullivan Board Member Sullivan & Sullivan Bio |

Steven Vartazarian

Steven Vartazarian Board Member The Vartazarian Law Firm Bio |

Lauren Wood

Lauren Wood Board Member Schurmer &
Wood, APC
Bio |

Gold level - $5,000 to $9,999 annual contribution

David Brown

David Brown Brown, Brown &

V James DeSimone

V James DeSimone V James DeSimone Law Bio

Christopher Dolan

Christopher Dolan The Dolan Law Firm Bio

Gary Fields

Gary Fields Fields ADR Bio

Genie Harrison

Genie Harrison Genie Harrison Law Firm Bio

Eric Kingsley

Eric Kingsley Kingsley &
Kingsley APC

Aimee Kirby

Aimee Kirby Past President
The Dolan Law Firm Bio |

Jeffrey Krivis

Jeffrey Krivis First Mediation Bio

Tigran Martinian

Tigran Martinian Martinian & Associates, Inc Bio

Honorable Bruce Minto (retired)

Honorable Bruce Minto (retired) Judicate West Bio

Alexander Polsky

Alexander Polsky JAMS
The Resolution Experts

Ryan Saba

Ryan Saba Rosen Saba, LLP Bio

Douglas Silverstein

Douglas Silverstein Kesluk, Silverstein &

Reza Torkzadeh

Reza Torkzadeh The Torkzadeh Law Firm Bio

Siamak Vaziri

Siamak Vaziri Vaziri Law Group Bio

Andrew Zeytuntsyan

Andrew Zeytuntsyan Andrew Zeytuntsyan Law Offices Bio

Silver level - $2,500 to $4,999 annual contribution

Martin Aarons

Martin Aarons Aarons Law Firm Bio

Ani Aghaeian

Ani Aghaeian Aghaeian Law Bio

Daniel Ambrose

Daniel Ambrose Ambrose Law Group Bio

Matthew Biren

Matthew Biren Biren Law Group Bio

Mindy Bish

Mindy Bish Bish Law, APC Bio

Joshua Bordin-Wosk

Joshua Bordin-Wosk Bordin Martorell, LLP Bio

Bruce Brusavich

Bruce Brusavich Agnew Brusavich

Sherif Edmond El Dabe

Sherif Edmond El Dabe El Dabe | Ritter Trial Lawyers Bio

Thomas Feher

Thomas F. Feher Board Member The Simon Law Group Bio |

Humberto Guizar

Humberto Guizar Humberto Guizar
Attorney At Law

Christopher Knauf

Christopher Knauf Knauf Associates Bio

Daren Lipinsky

Daren Lipinsky Brown & Lipinsky LLP Bio

Spencer Lucas

Spencer Lucas Board Member Panish Shea &
Boyle, LLP
Bio |

Joseph Nazarian

Joseph Nazarian Rafii &
Nazarian, LLP

Justina Ramon

Justina Ramon Board Member Ellis Law Corporation Bio |

Janet Rubin-Fields

Janet Rubin-Fields Fields Mediation Bio

Jeffrey A. Rudman

Jeffrey A. Rudman The Rudman Law Firm, APC Bio

Richard Sailer

Richard Sailer Sailer Law Offices APC Bio

Alyssa K. Schabloski

Alyssa K. Schabloski Treasurer Bio |

Jan Schau

Jan Schau Schau Mediation Bio

Ibiere Seck

Ibiere N. Seck Board Member The Cochran Firm CA Bio |

Christine D. Spagnoli

Christine D. Spagnoli Greene, Broillet &
Wheeler, LLP

Scott Spell

Scott Spell Law Offices of
Scott E. Spell

Bruce Traney

Bruce Traney Founding
Past President
Bruce Traney, APC Bio |

Thomas Wallin

Thomas Wallin Wallin Law Firm Bio

Geraldine Weiss

Geraldine Weiss President-Elect Law Offices of
Michael J. Piuze
Bio |

Twila S. White

Twila S. White Board Member Law Office of Twila S. White Bio |

Bronze level - $1,000 to $2,499 annual contribution

Sherwin Arzani

Sherwin Arzani Citywide Law Group

Michael Baltaxe

Michael Baltaxe Sottile Baltaxe Law Firm

Shaun Bauman

Shaun Bauman Bauman Law

Warren Binder

Warren Binder Binder &
Associates, PLC

John Blumberg

John Blumberg Blumberg Law Offices

Darian Bojeaux

Darian Bojeaux Law Offices
Darian Bojeaux

John Brockmeier

John Brockmeier Brockmeier Law Group, APC

Michael Brooks

Michael Brooks Brooks Hubley, LLP

Keith Bruno

Keith Bruno Bruno | Nalu

Christopher Bulone

Christopher Bulone Dordick Law Corporation

James P. Carr

James P. Carr Yuhl | Carr

Mary Caruso

Mary Caruso AlderLaw

Maria Cavalluzzi

Maria Cavalluzzi Cavalluzzi Law

Deborah Chang

Deborah Chang Panish Shea &
Boyle, LLP

Brian Chase

Brian Chase Bisnar Chase

Erica Chavez

Erica Chavez BD&J Law Firm

Cristina Ciminelli

Cristina Ciminelli Yukevich | Cavanaugh

Shireen Clarkson

Shireen Clarkson The Clarkson Law Firm

Benjamin Cloward

Benjamin Cloward Cloward, Hicks & Brasier

T. Vincent Consolo

T. Vincent Consolo Law Offices of
Gerald L. Marcus

Danica Crittenden

Danica Crittenden Shernoff Bidart Echeverria LLP

Stacey Cutting

Stacey Cutting Bish Law, APC

Steve Daneshgar

Steve Daneshgar Daneshgar Law

Carl Douglas

Carl Douglas Douglas Hicks Law

Brian Dunn

Brian Dunn The Cochran Firm

Matthew Easton

Matthew Easton Easton & Easton, LLP

Travis Easton

Travis Easton Easton & Easton, LLP

Steven Effres

Steven Effres Effres &

Jeffrey Ehrlich

Jeffrey Ehrlich The Ehrlich Law Firm

Larry Gabriel

Larry Gabriel Ezra Brutzkus Gubner LLP

Kristine Gallo

Kristine Gallo Board Member AlderLaw Bio |

Michael Geoola

Michael Geoola B&D Law Group

Russell Glauber

Russell Glauber Glauber/Berenson LLP

Mark Glazer

Mark Glazer Glazer & Blinder

Jeffrey Greenman

Jeffrey Greenman Board Member Greenman Law P.C. Bio |

Janet R. Gusdorff

Janet R. Gusdorff Gusdorff Law, P.C. Bio

Steven Heimberg

Steven Heimberg Heimberg Barr, LLP

Joseph Hilberman

Joseph Hilberman ADR Services

Steven Hilst

Steven Hilst Bisnar Chase

Michelle Iarusso

Michelle Iarusso Iarusso & Dagher

Stanley Jacobs

Stanley Jacobs Jacobs &
Jacobs, LLP

Dan Johnson

Dan Johnson AlderLaw

Douglas Johnson

Douglas Johnson Johnson &
Johnson, LLP

Colin Jones

Colin Jones Wilshire Law Firm

William Karns

William Karns Karns & Karns

Payton Kashani

Payton Kashani Kashani Law

Margaret Kirby

Margaret Kirby Kirbys Law

Steven Kirby

Steven Kirby Kirbys Law

Candice S. Klein

Candice S. Klein Board Member Panish Shea &
Boyle, LLP
Bio |

Megan E. Klein, Esq.

Megan E. Klein, Esq. Board Member Law Offices of
Minh T. Nguyen
Bio |

Bruce Kokozian

Bruce Kokozian Kokozian Law Firm

Douglas Kottler

Douglas Kottler Kottler & Kottler

Shawn Lalezary

Shawn Lalezary Lalezary Law Firm Bio

Michael D. Margolin

Michael D. Margolin Law Offices of
Gerald L. Marcus

Jill McDonell

Jill McDonell Attorney At Law

Patrick McNicholas

Patrick McNicholas McNicholas &
McNicholas, LLP

Rodney Mesriani

Rodney Mesriani Mesriani Law Group, PLC

Reza Mirroknian

Reza Mirroknian The Mirkonian Law Firm, PC

Brian Mitchell

Brian Mitchell Mitchell Law Corporation

Jeffrey Molchan

Jeffrey Molchan Greylaw

Michael Moorehead

Michael Moorehead Moorehead Mediations

Eugene Moscovitch

Eugene Moscovitch Judicate West

Gretchen Nelson

Gretchen Nelson Kriendler &
Kriendler LLP

Brenda Pannell

Brenda Pannell Brenda J. Pannell,
Attorney At Law

Hon. Victor H. Person (ret.)

Hon. Victor H. Person (ret.) ADR Services, Inc

Daniel Rafii

Daniel Rafii Rafii &
Nazarian, LLP

Christa Ramey

Christa Ramey Ramey Law PC

Rahul Ravipudi

Rahul Ravipudi Panish Shea &
Boyle, LLP

Linda Femoryle Rice

Linda F. Rice Rice &
Bloomfield LLP

Jenna Roca

Jenna Roca The Roca Firm

Griselda Rodriguez

Griselda Rodriguez Rodriguez & Tran, LLP

John Rofael

John Rofael Ellis Law Corporation

Deborah Rothman

Deborah Rothman Mediator & Arbitrator

Earl Schurmer

Earl Schurmer Schurmer &
Wood, APC

Carney Shegerian

Carney Shegerian Shegerian & Associates, Inc

Narbeh Shirvanian

Narbeh Shirvanian The Shirvanian Law Firm, APLC

George Shohet

George Shohet George A. Shohet, APC

Amy Fisch Solomon

Amy Fisch Solomon Girardi | Keese

Gerry Spence

Gerry Spence The Spence Law Firm

Glenn Stern

Glenn Stern Law Offices of
Glenn Stern

John Sullivan

John Sullivan Sullivan & Sullivan

Steven Sweat

Steven Sweat Steven M. Sweat, APC

Jonathan Teller

Jonathan Teller Layfield & Barrett, APC

Robert Tessier

Robert Tessier Tessier Mediation Bio

James Vititoe

James Vititoe Vititoe Law Group, LLC

Mary Ellen Waller

Mary Ellen Waller Feinberg & Waller, APC

Christopher Warner

Christopher Warner Empire Neutral, Inc.

Zev Weinstein

Zev Weinstein Schwimer | Weinstein LLP

Geoffrey Wells

Geoffrey Wells Greene Broillet &