Candice S. Klein

Candice S. Klein

Candice S. Klein Board Member
Panish Shea &
Boyle, LLP
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Intent on helping those victimized by insurance companies and big businesses, Candice Klein goes to battle for countless people in physical and mental anguish, and recovers the compensation that they deserve. Whether fighting for a child with autism who was mistreated in school, or giving a voice to those discriminated against because of a mental disability, Candice works on every case with an unshakable devotion. Candice focuses her practice on serving clients who have suffered permanent or serious injuries. She spends an enormous amount of personal time with her clients. She finds that by experiencing a part of their life with them, she can better understand, and therefore translate their losses to a jury. Candice has represented clients in an array of personal injury matters, including motor vehicle collisions, dog bites, premises liability/slip and fall matters, and intentional torts. She has recovered millions of dollars in jury verdicts and settlements on behalf of her clients.

Prior to joining Panish Shea & Boyle LLP, Candice was a partner at Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley, LLP, where she exclusively represented injured people. She has first-chaired more than 20 jury trials to verdict and has a proven track record of winning difficult cases. Candice's victories include a $2,250,000 verdict for a heavily disputed auto collision case that caused a victim to suffer major back injuries, and a jury verdict of nearly $700,000 for a pedestrian who was struck by a car, but never fell down. Candice also won a significant six-figure settlement against a school district for negligently supervising a special education student who was molested by a peer. The case was particularly difficult as the testimony of the plaintiff was severely compromised by her disability. Candice's dedication to her clients is unmatched. After a trial court erroneously dismissed one of her client's cases, Candice successfully appealed. The judge was removed from the case and the matter settled thereafter. Candice has also taken part in hundreds of arbitrations and mediations, and she is a skilled negotiator with a proven record of maximizing the recovery obtained on behalf of her clients.

Having completed UCLA's esteemed Gross Anatomy Program for Litigators, a science-based program designed to teach enrolled attorneys human anatomy, Candice is particularly effective at explaining her client's medical damages to juries. With detailed lectures followed by actual laboratory time dissecting human cadavers, the course materials closely tracked the basic human anatomy class that every first year medical student must pass. Candice is also a graduate of Gerry Spence's prestigious Trial Lawyers College and received her law degree from Southwestern Law School.

Candice has been a speaker at numerous seminars involving civil litigation from pre-litigation through trial, for entities such as the San Diego County Bar Association as well as the Los Angeles County Bar Association.

Candice is dedicated to helping those who are less fortunate and she is an advocate for women's and children's rights. Candice serves on the Board of Directors at Los Angeles Trial Lawyers' Charities (LATLC), a non-profit organization with a focus on aiding the lives of those in need in the community. LATLC focuses on children, education and the homeless, and its members are committed to making a positive difference in the quality of life for people within the greater Los Angeles community. Candice is also an active member of the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles and the Consumer Attorneys of California. Helping people and protecting their rights is Candice's passion and practice.